Quality nursing care is such if it advances the dignity of the person



L'assistenza infermieristica di qualità è ta​le se aumenta la dignità della persona



During the treatment process it's important to maintain psychophysical well-being

Providing territorial assistance means ensuring that the patient continues to live among his memories, affections and creating new ones, without being deprived of a treatment service necessary for his health condition. This assumption starts from the idea that places of daily life, such as the home or office, are the main treatment space, where the patient can be assisted by medical and nursing staff, but at the same time continue to remain in his social context and family, working and traveling, according to his residual abilities.





The most requested professionals

HIC - home integrated care 

Free service for users, provided by the Regiona Health System, upone prescription of attending physician 

Health care in hotels, schools and offices 

Some non-disabling diseases require assistance that allows you to continue with your routine and passions
The definition of home care can be found in article 22 of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 12 January 2017, relating to the Definition and updating of the essential levels of assistance, where they are indicated as home care pathways, consisting of organized set of medical, rehabilitative and nursing treatments necessary to stabilize the clinical picture, limit functional decline and improve the patient's quality of life.
In other words, home care is a service envisaged by the Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA) with the aim of responding to the health needs of fragile people in general, therefore of non self-sufficient, elderly, disabled and minors who need of home care on a temporary or protracted basis, for the purpose of managing chronicity, preventing disability and improving the quality of life.